Tourisme Ville de Saguenay

Saguenay en Bouffe

16 October 2014 to 26 October 2014

SAGUENAY BOUFFE takes place this year October 16 to 26 in 10 restaurants and as a novelty at two local foodies, la PÂTISSERIE MERGEAY and the BOUCHERIE DAVIS.

Unceasingly with the desire to offer an experience at the height of your expectations, our restaurants welcome an invited Chef or have visited an expert of their chosen country to directly widen their inspiration. This year we have therefore two segments to ensure the success of the proposed meals, either with an invited Chef or with an on the road Chef. In both cases, our valiant regional Chefs will benefit from the support of dedicated Chefs to develop their menu.

• MEDITERRANEAN CUISINE Le Merlin 418-602-1225
• SPAIN L’Entrée 418-543-6006
• GRECE Le Piccoli 418-547-5728
• INDIA La Galerie 418-549-7111
• ITALY L’International Café 418-690-5129
• LEBANON Chez Georges 418-543-2875
• PORTUGAL Le Bergerac 418-542-6263
• THAILAND Les Colombes 418-549-2133
• TUNISIA Le Légendaire 418-543-6120
• TURKEY L’Auberge des 21 418-697-2121

Information: 418-698-3167