Workshop Museums

Le Chevrier du Nord – Économusée de la lainerie

Chevrier du Nord is an artisan and family business that produces and processes mohair from angora goats for making handmade garments. It markets a thirty exclusive designs across Eastern Canada, in addition to spinning services. The know-how of these dedicated artisans will fascinate and amaze.

71, rang Saint-Joseph, Saint-Fulgence, G0V 1S0
T 418.590.2755

Touverre – Économusée du soufflage de verre et taillage de la pierre fine

The glass sculptor, Giuseppe Benedetto, transforms two similar materials, one hot and the other cold.  By visiting the Économusée du soufflage de verre et de la taille de la pierre fine (glassblowing and precious stone workshop museum) you'll be able to explore Mr. Benedetto's workshop. While glassblowing, he manipulates his cane and glass that is transformed into multicoloured vases, plates, animals or sculptures reminiscent of the regional influence. He saws, carves and polishes stones from here and abroad.

3205, boul. de la Grande-Baie Sud, Saguenay (arr. de La Baie), G7B 4L3
T 418.544.1660