In the City of Saguenay

Trails in Saguenay

In all of the Saguenay boroughs, easy access is guaranteed to hiking trails in a semi-urban or wilderness environments.  Most offer free admission at all times except for Centre plein air Bec-Scie, dogs on leashes are welcome.

Trails and ExcursionsLength / Acces / Caracteristics
Borough of Chicoutimi

Aux Rats musqués

2 km linear / Free / Easy and intermediate

Les sentiers du Parc de la Colline

3 km (loop) / Free / Easy

Parc de la Rivière-du-Moulin

15 km (loop and linear) / Free / Easy, intermediate and difficult

Borough of Jonquière


41 km / Free / Difficult

Sentiers du Saguenay

14 km (loop and linear) / Free / Easy, intermediate and difficult


2,5 km / Free / Easy and intermediate

Parc Price

1,5 km / Free / Easy

Borough of La Baie

Centre plein air Bec-Scie

22 km / Paid admission / Easy, intermediate and difficult

Sentier Eucher

8 km / Free / Intermediate and difficult

Sentier aux Rats Musqués

A linear trail accessible via Parc Rosaire-Gauthier (behind the pool). Map available by visiting the website Pets on leash permitted. No charge for admission.

Saguenay (arr. de Chicoutimi)
T 418.698.3200 # 4178

Centre plein-air Bec-Scie

In the heart of the Rivière-à-Mars canyon, the Centre Plein Air Bec-Scie offers stunning landscapes no matter the season. Explore the different trails with interpretive signs and picnic areas.


  • Level of difficulty: Easy, intermediate and difficult.

7400, chemin des Chutes, Saguenay (arr. de La Baie), G7B 3N8
T 418.697.5132

Sentier Eucher

This trail offers breathtaking points of view overlooking the fjord and the Baie des Ha! Ha! Departures from the marina in Anse-à-Benjamin. No charge for admission


  • Level of difficulty: Intermediate
  • Length: 4.5 km linear, marked

822, route de l'Anse-à-Benjamin, Saguenay (arr. de La Baie), G7B 3N9
T 418.698.3167 | 1.800.463.6565 

Sentiers du Mont-Jacob

Mont Jacob offers exceptional views of the district of Jonquière. There are two main trails and a secondary trail. You'll find a belvedere, works of art and magnificent viewpoints along the way. No charge for admission

4160, rue du Vieux-Pont, Saguenay (arr. de Jonquière), G8A 2G9
T 418.698.3200 # 4178

The Sentiers du Saguenay

The trail network's main axis is along Saguenay River between Rue Tourangeau and the Mont Fortin ski centre, besides a closed loop in the Manoir du Saguenay area. The paths are wide, well marked, easy for walking and offers many natural viewpoints. No charge for admission


Accessible via:

  • The parking lot at the end of Rue Tourangeau, St-Jean-Eudes area
  • Club de Golf Saguenay Arvida, Boulevard Saguenay
  • Usine d’Épuration Jonquière, Boulevard Saguenay
  • Aluminium bridge
  • Mont-Fortin ski centre


Saguenay (arr. de Jonquière)
T 418.698.3200 # 4172 | 418.698.3167