Type of fishes

Type of species and Groundfish fishery on the Saguenay fjord
Rainbow smelt Grey, silvery fish with very obvious scales, measuring between 15 and 23 cm.

Rainbow smelt
Redfish Red-orange fish with big eyes and a bony bump on the lower jaw, measuring from 25 to 35 cm.
Greenland cod This greenish fish has a marbled back and flanks, with a barely visible greyish lateral line and black peritoneum (inside of the abdomen), measuring between 20 and 70 cm.
Greenland cod
Cod Reddish fish with a flecked back and flanks and a clear, visible lateral line, measuring up to 140 cm.
Turbot Characterized by its dark blind side and straight lateral line, it can measure up to 100 cm
Other species Red hake, haddock, pollock, eelpout, flounder and others are occasionally caught.

The recreational groundfish fishery is practised without a licence. Visit Fisheries and Oceans Canada website to know more. 

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