Where to ice fish

Saguenay, La Baie district

A veritable village of 1,200 cabins crops up in two fishing sectors: Anse-à-Benjamin et Grande-Baie. Catch smelt, redfish and cod in these three sectors, which can all be reached on foot, by car, snowmobile or ATV:

  • Anse-à-Benjamin

    The impressive rocky wall of the Cap-à-l’Ouest towers above one of the largest fishing sites, which is known for its family-friendly atmosphere! Bring your skates and take advantage of the skating rink.

  • Grande-Baie

    A true ice village where you will have the opportunity to fish, admire the many kites being flown around the little cabins and skate on the skating rink.

Saguenay (arr. de La Baie)
T 418.697.5458


In addition to being one of the most beautiful villages in Quebec, this friendly, inviting ice fishing town is surrounded by mountain peaks. The fishing village is located near the road, where it can easily be reached on foot, by snowmobile, car or ATV. Smelt, redfish, cod and turbot await you!



Nicknamed the "pearl of the fjord", this charming village in the middle of precipitous mountains is worth the detour! You can fish for redfish and cod. This site is not accessible by car. You’ll need a snowmobile or ATV to get there, unless you’d prefer a bracing walk!



Saint-Fulgence is on the border of the Saguenay River and the fjord. You can access the fishing site by car, snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle or on foot.