Opening on November 1st at 5 pm Following the residencies of artists MAXENCE MATHIEU (2017), PHILIPPE BRAQUENIER (2018) and HÉLÈNE PETITE (2019). MAXENCE MATHIEU, installation, in collaboration with Arnaud Mathieu NOUS SOMMES FAITS DU MÊME BOIS QUE NOS SONGES MAXENCE MATHIEU investigates the relationship that can exist between fictitious space and real space. His project proposal, which is currently being considered and concretized, focuses on the desire to create a political, cultural, geological and administrative dissensus or anomaly in the « institutional » consensus that makes up the real. PHILIPPE BRAQUENIER, installation - photos and sculpture EARTH NOT A GLOBE, is a project documenting the Flat Earthers, a community of people who believe that the Earth is flat. The title of the project originates from books written by Samuel Birley Rowbotham, who revived the idea of a flat Earth at the end of the 19th century. This conjecture has largely developed in the modern era thanks to the increase of communication technologies that has offered new dissemination platforms. By sharing their pseudo-scientific theories, flatists have had the opportunity to create a broad community of believers and is constantly evolving. The conviction of a flat Earth has been described as the ultimate conspiracy theory. HÉLÈNE PETITE, installation - photos, video and sculpture STILL, is an installation composed of a projection and a silver image inkjet printed and put into volume on a base and a mirror. Taking shape in multidisciplinary proposals, silver photography is at the center of HÉLÈNE PETITE's artistic work. She thinks of the exhibition as an installation designed for a place, as an experience to live. She explores the modes of presentation where photographic prints are mixed, experimentation around the image and its supports, the projection of videos and the three-dimensional creation. INFORMATION : 418.815.1491


Bang Centre d'art actuel - Espace Séquence
132, rue Racine Est, arr. de Chicoutimi, Saguenay, (Québec), G7H 5C2