An exhibition by GUY LANGEVIN
The National Exhibition Centre pays tribute to GUY LANGEVIN, painter, lithographer and engraver, internationally known for his black-style engravings. Man of trade, his art is linked to his expertise and finds its origin in drawing and photography. Celebrating life and death, sexuality is omnipresent in his work keeping the human body, at the heart of his concerns, it’s much more than a simple model.

The exhibition brings together two corpus presented in two separate rooms. Les Amis du CNE hosts RETROSPECTIVE, which recalls the career of the engraving artist over 4 decades who has always pursued the quest to decode the intangible. GUY LANGEVIN materializes the time that passes and that run away from us. Between light and darkness, fluid and mysterious figures, bodies are revealed and stir fascination and enchantment.

Born in 1954 in Chicoutimi, GUY LANGEVIN lives and works today in Trois-Rivières. After obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UQTR in 1978, he continued with advanced training in lithography, printmaking and engraving until 1985.

INFORMATION : 418 546-2177


Centre national d'exposition de Saguenay
4160, rue du Vieux-Pont, Jonquière, (Québec), G8A 2G9