Heritage Circuits

Step into history

Saguenay has many tours showcasing its rich history and cultural life. Encounter unusual discoveries as you walk our streets.

The Croissant Culturel

Explore the Croissant Culturel in the Chicoutimi district. The south downtown sector is bursting with treasures, energized by the business world where an abundant cultural and artistic life takes place. Take the opportunity to step into history, lounge on terraces, browse the boutiques and see the exhibits.

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Chicoutimi, a regional destiny - Heritage route

Chicoutimi, a regional destiny is a brochure presenting 46 points of interest in downtown Chicoutimi along 3 routes highlighting the modern and ancient characteristics of the district.

  • Discover the Bassin sector—the historical origins of the neighborhood, the city and the region. (Departure: Maison Price, 110 rue Price Ouest)
  • Explore the architecture on Rue Racine as well as its important commercial role. (Departure: port area).
  • The third route emphasizes the role of institutions in Chicoutimi’s position as a regional capital by visiting the great institutions located around the cathedral and the old seminary. (Departure: Saint-François-Xavier Cathedral, 514 Racine Est)

Duration: Approximately two hours for each tour.

Circuit Map (pdf)

Saguenay (Chicoutimi)
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Arvida, a model city in the Americas – Heritage route

With the help of a booklet containing texts, photographs and a map, explore Arvida, a model town in the Americas. From Place Davis to sumptuous Manoir du Saguenay, the pedestrian tour explores 16 different points of interest. Discover the heritage, history and public art of Sainte-Thérèse, the first district to be established in this company town built by Alcan in 1926, which was the company’s branding all over the world.

Departure: Carré Davis in the Arvida sector of Jonquière (the circuitous route brings you back to Carré Davis).

Distance: 5 km.
Duration: Approximately two hours on foot


Saguenay (Jonquière)
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Jonquière and Kénogami, from pulp to paper – Heritage route

Jonquière and Kénogami, from Pulp to Paper is a way to discover two sectors of Saguenay on foot or bicycle. The brochure interprets 15 points or zones of interest in each of these sectors.

  • In Jonquière, the route links Saint-Dominique shopping street to Rivière-aux-Sables, a heritage park in the heart of downtown. (Departure: Saint-Dominique Church)
  • In Kénogami, the second route covers the quarters for managerial staff and for workers as well as the institutional and commercial zone of this company town erected in 1911(Departure: Centre d'histoire Sir-William-Price)

Duration: Approximately two hours for each tour

Circuit map (pdf)

Saguenay (Jonquière)
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La Baie, a window on the fjord – Heritage route

Explore one of the world's most beautiful bays, Baie des Ha! Ha!, through interpretive trails explaining its history and heritage. The three different routes cover 30 point of interest:

  • The Grande-Baie route highlights the activity of the first colonists in the sector, around 1838. (Departure: Saint-Alexis church )
  • Port-Alfred: Company town allows you to discover the origins of major international industry at Baie des Ha! Ha! (Departure: Saint-Édouard church)
  • Bagotville: Place of leisure focuses on the main sites that are the pride of this sector. (Departure: Saint-Alphonse church ).

Distance: Approximately 10 km for the whole visit
Duration: Approximately two hours for each route

Circuit map (pdf)

Saguenay (Chicoutimi)
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Literary Tour « La littérature aux abords des rivières »

Presented in French, English and Innu, this circuit has been thought and created by the Salon du livre du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, as part of Saguenay Cultural Capital of Canada 2010. It covers more than a century of writing and pays tribute to writers who have influenced our regional literature and have revealed it to the whole province, and, in some cases, to the whole world.

Les circuits sont d’une durée de 45 à 60 minutes.

Jonquière District
Parc de la Rivière-aux-Sables (facing Place Nikitoutagan)
Duration : 45 to 60 minutes

Chicoutimi District
At the Bassin (corner of boul. Saint-Paul and rue Price Ouest)
Duration: 45 to 60 minutes

La Baie District
Parc Ha!Ha! (facing the Pyramid)
Duration: 45 to 60 minutes

Circuit audiothéâtral « Par le trou de la serrure du temps »

Discover the Chicoutimi district and its patrimony with this interpretative circuit. With its podcasts that recounts the history of the place where you’re standing, go back in time in a very creative way! (in French only)

Cimetière St-François-Xavier

Let yourself fall under the spell of this unparalleled historical site, among the century-old trees and funerary monuments to the founders of our city and region. Welcome to St-François-Xavier cemetery, where you will discover a truly exceptional memorial park, which will invite you to reflect on life, memories, calm and relaxation.

A map of the historical route, Homage to the pioneers, is available at the Mausoleum/Columbarium.

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