Ice Fishing

A one-of-a-kind fishing

Spectacular, unique: words aren’t enough to describe the magnificent Saguenay Fjord. See it from another angle by fishing on its frozen surface. Enjoy a wide variety of excellent fish on an ice fishing trip you won’t soon forget!

Where to ice fish

Saguenay, La Baie district

A veritable village of 1,200 cabins crops up in two fishing sectors: Anse-à-Benjamin et Grande-Baie. Catch smelt, redfish and cod in these three sectors, which can all be reached on foot, by car, snowmobile or ATV:

  • Anse-à-Benjamin

    The impressive rocky wall of the Cap-à-l’Ouest towers above one of the largest fishing sites, which is known for its family-friendly atmosphere! Bring your skates and take advantage of the skating rink.

  • Grande-Baie

    A true ice village where you will have the opportunity to fish, admire the many kites being flown around the little cabins and skate on the skating rink.

Saguenay (arr. de La Baie)
T 418.697.5458

Saguenay, Jonquière district
  • Lac-Kénogami

    This fishing site is located in the wonderful setting of Kenogami Lake. It has 3 streets and can take 100 fishing cabins (maximum).

Saguenay, secteur Lac-Kénogami


In addition to being one of the most beautiful villages in Quebec, this friendly, inviting ice fishing town is surrounded by mountain peaks. The fishing village is located near the road, where it can easily be reached on foot, by snowmobile, car or ATV. Smelt, redfish, cod and turbot await you!



Nicknamed the "pearl of the fjord", this charming village in the middle of precipitous mountains is worth the detour! You can fish for redfish and cod. This site is not accessible by car. You’ll need a snowmobile or ATV to get there, unless you’d prefer a bracing walk!



Want to fish in a quiet setting? Go to the Parc National du Fjord-du-Saguenay. Next to the giant rock walls, you will have an impressive view while baiting the fish! You can access this site by snowmobile or and ATV; right of access applies.


Where to rent

Pêche blanche du Fjord inc.
  • Cabin
  • Fishing equipment and baits
  • Professional guide available upon request

From 80$/day/4 people

Saguenay (arr. de La Baie)
T 418.544.4182

Pêche aventures Saguenay
  • Fishing Cabin (where you can sleep)
  • Fishing equipement and baits (sonar rental)
  • Professional guide
  • OTHER SERVICES: Portable heated tents rental, fishing expedition
  • From 125$/day/4 to 8 people

Saguenay (arr. de La Baie)
T 418.540.9570

Pourvoirie Poséidon
  • Fishing cabin
  • Fishing equipment and bait
  • Guide (upon demand)

From 60$ /per pers. / per day Other services: possibility to have meal on-site

Arr. de la Baie, secteur de l'Anse-aux-billots
418 817.5038

Association de pêche blanche de l’Anse-aux-Foins
  • Fishing cabin
  • Fishing equipement
  • 100$ per day / 2 to 4 pers. | 120$ per day / 6 pers.

T 418.674.9494 | 418.674.2588 #2309

Chalets sur le Fjord
  • 2 nights in a condo (2 bedrooms) with fireplace
  • Fishing cabin
  • Fishing equipement and baits

From 120$ a day/ per pers./ quad. occ.

354, Saint-Jean-Baptiste, L'Anse-Saint-Jean, G0V 1J0
T 418.272.3430 | 1.800.561.8060


Looking for some guidance?
Are you a beginner or do you just want to add to your ice fishing knowledge? Hire a guide for an unforgettable fishing trip! For information: 418-544-4182.

Type of fishes

Type of species and Groundfish fishery
Species Description
Rainbow smelt Grey, silvery fish with very obvious scales, measuring between 15 and 23 cm.
Redfish Red-orange fish with big eyes and a bony bump on the lower jaw, measuring from 25 to 35 cm.
Greenland cod This greenish fish has a marbled back and flanks, with a barely visible greyish lateral line and black peritoneum (inside of the abdomen), measuring between 20 and 70 cm.
Cod Reddish fish with a flecked back and flanks and a clear, visible lateral line, measuring up to 140 cm.
Turbot Characterized by its dark blind side and straight lateral line, it can measure up to 100 cm
Other species Red hake, haddock, pollock, eelpout, flounder and others are occasionally caught.

The recreational groundfish fishery is practised without a licence. Visit Fisheries and Oceans Canada website to know more.